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Unlock the Benefits of Autologous Eye Drops With Enrich Los Angeles County

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Serum Autologous Eye Drops

Serum Tears | ASEDs


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PRP Autologous Eye Drops

Platelet Rich Plasma 


Enrich Your Life With The Power Of Nature! 

Our autologous eye drops and skin creams, tailored with natural properties, offer distinct benefits surpassing commercially manufactured artificial tears and creams. Experience revitalization and restoration for your eyes and skin with Enrich, the preferred choice for Los Angeles County residents.

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Behind the Numbers:

The Stories of 3000+ Hand-Delivered Autologous Eye Drop Patients Served

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natural Serum tears for dry eyes that provide relief

Judith P. 

"MAGIC! for 2 years I have tried to get something that worked. I used every prescription and every over the counter eye drop there is and none of them worked. My serum tears are amazing!"
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John C.

"I have Sjogren's syndrome and struggle with dry eyes constantly. Serum Tears has provided so much relief compared to other eye drops my ophthalmologist has prescribed."
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Michelle B.

"My opthalmologist recommended due to my dry eyes from Lasik surgery. I didn't even know this was a thing but it has worked wonders for me."
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