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Unlock the Benefits of Autologous Eye Drops 

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Serum Autologous Eye Drops

Serum Tears | ASEDs


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PRP Autologous Eye Drops

Platelet Rich Plasma 


Enrich Your Life With The Power Of Nature! 

Experience unparalleled restoration for your eyes with Enrich's serum and PRP autologous eye drops, free from preservatives and harmful chemicals. Crafted with natural ingredients, these revolutionary solutions offer extraordinary benefits that surpass the effectiveness of typical artificial tears. Embark on an immersive rejuvenation journey with Enrich and discover unmatched outcomes for your eyes.

Serum Autologous Eye Drops Los Angeles, CA

 Ocular Surface Disease Treatments

Blepharitis is a frequently encountered condition characterized by inflammation of the small oil glands located on the inner eyelid. It is frequently observed in conjunction with various skin conditions or allergies. Indications of blepharitis encompass red and itchy eyelids that may appear oily and crusty. Additionally, dry eyes are also commonly experienced by individuals affected by this condition.

See the World Clearly

Enjoy improved vision with Autologous Eye Drops. Say goodbye to blurry or distorted vision and hello to a clearer, sharper view.

Customized Treatment 

With Autologous Eye Drops, each drop is specially formulated for your individual eye needs, providing a more effective and personalized solution compared to traditional eye drops.

All-Natural Healing

Made from your own blood, these drops offer a natural and safe healing process without the use of synthetic chemicals or preservatives. Say hello to healthier eyes without the harsh ingredients.

Don't just settle for traditional eye drops, elevate your eye care routine with preservative-free Autologous Eye Drops. Feel the difference today!

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Enhance patient retention and improve outcomes by incorporating serum and platelet-rich plasma eye drops into your treatment plan. 

Behind the Numbers:

The Stories of 3000+ Hand-Delivered Autologous Eye Drop Patients Served

dry eye treatment |

Judith P. 

"MAGIC! for 2 years I have tried to get something that worked. I used every prescription and every over the counter eye drop there is and none of them worked. My serum tears are amazing!"

John C.

"I have Sjogren's syndrome and struggle with dry eyes constantly. Serum Tears has provided so much relief compared to other eye drops my ophthalmologist has prescribed."

Michelle B.

"My opthalmologist recommended due to my dry eyes from Lasik surgery. I didn't even know this was a thing but it has worked wonders for me."

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