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Enrich cannot diagnose, prescribe, treat, evaluate, or otherwise make any suggestions or recommendations about dry eye treatments. Enrich laboratory technicians are qualified for the specimen collection and processing of Serum and PRP products ONLY. Enrich products are not regulated by the FDA or any other medical authorities. Independent studies have produced promising results for the relief and treatment for DED and Skin Rejuvenation.


It is recommended but not required to get a professional assessment and recommendation. If you choose to purchase Enrich products without an ophthalmologist or dermatologist recommendation you are doing so at your own risk. Enrich uses strict processing guidelines to produce “Serum Tears” and “PRP products”. However, it is the customers responsibility to properly care for and use the product and do so at their own risk. Improper use and storage of products can result in bacterial growth. Stop using your product and consult with your doctor immediately if you are experiencing any discomfort or irritation.

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