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Are PRGF Eye Drops Safe And Effective For Dry Eyes?

The eyes’ ocular surface is one of the most important aspects of clear vision. It relies on natural tears to lubricate the surface. With the advancement of technology, there are ways to treat eye problems, such as using PRGF eye drops. Furthermore, these eye drops have the potential to improve eye health further.

Why do you need PRGF eye drops? PRGF eye drops address ocular surface problems such as dry eyes. In addition, platelets are present, which help in the growth of healthy cells. It is a safe method that improves symptoms of various eye problems. Getting these eye drops is the new alternative way to get better eye health.

What Are PRGF Eye Drops?

PRGF eye drops stand for Plasma Rich Growth Factors. They were initially used in orthopedic and dental patients and now apply to eye drops. The formulation has a concentrated amount of platelets present. With the presence of platelets, healthy cells will grow faster, and the ocular surface will clear up.

PRGF Eye Drops As Treatment

Who Uses PRGF Eye Drops As Treatment?

The Foster Center for Ocular Immunology at Duke University currently uses PRGF as a treatment. One of their specialists is Dr. Victor Perez, MD.

Dr. Victor Perez is a clinician-scientist who researches immunology and ocular diseases of the eye. Dr. Victor is one of the leading researchers who has used plasma in his research. He has handled patients with various ocular surface disorders, including dry eye, and lives in Durham, North Carolina. His multidisciplinary approach enables patients to receive the best diagnosis and treatment plan.

Dr. Victor focuses his research on the immunology of corneal transplantation. He is an ophthalmology professor at the Duke University School of Medicine. In addition, his contributions to the field gained many grants for the advancement of ophthalmology.

With his medical degree from the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine, Dr. Victor has more than 20 years of experience. His specialties include:

  • Ophthalmology - A practice that lets specialists diagnose and treat various eye diseases. The methods include retina surgery, refractive surgery, and lens replacement operations.

  • Uveitis - Treating uveitis is a rare eye disease depending on the eye part. It affects the eye's front, middle, or back, resulting in serious conditions.

  • Corneal Transplant - Also known as keratoplasty, it aims to preserve vision impairment through a transplant. In addition, there are many types of transplant procedures to remove damaged tissues.

PRGF Eye Drops Vs. Autologous Serum Eye Drops

Similarities and Differences Of PRGF Eye Drops Vs. Autologous Serum Eye Drops

These eye drops may look the same, but they have key differences. Here is a comparison between the two eye drops:

  • Similarities - Both eye drops use a blood-derived method to draw blood from a patient. In essence, they are autologous eye drops. The eye drops must be in cold storage to preserve the formulation. In addition, they do not contain preservatives, but the risk of contamination is low.

  • Differences - The main difference between PRGF eye drops and autologous serum eye drops is the platelets. Autologous serums eliminate the platelets in the production to make eye drops. However, it results in a poor growth factor due to removed platelets. PRGF eye drops preserve platelets and have a high growth factor.

Both eye drops treat dry eyes and similar eye diseases, and PRGF is more effective due to platelet concentration. The growth factor plays a key role in treating the eyes.

Are PRGF Eye Drops Safe and Effective?

Yes, PRGF eye drops are safe and effective because it relies on a tailor-made formulation. The phlebotomist draws out the blood through sterile methods, and the ophthalmologist researches the blood. In addition, eye drops can treat existing symptoms through consistent use. It is effective to treat various ocular surface diseases such as dry eyes.

Are PRGF Drops Safe?

Yes. PRGF eye drops are safe due to the platelet concentration that promotes healthy growth. It has minimal manipulation of the formula and is preservative-free. Drawing the blood from the patient gets the essential nutrients for cell growth.

The eye drops regenerate the epithelial cells when the cells get damaged. Once applied, the nerves of the eyes will heal throughout, including your vision. As a result, the ocular surface will clear up and be healthier.

Are PRGF Eye Drops Effective?

Yes, PRGF eye drops are effective because it utilizes platelets to heal eye nerves and tissues. Following the doctor’s orders, the eye drops’ efficacy lasts a long time. Furthermore, the effectiveness of PRGF eye drops can address eye symptoms faster than autologous serums. It concentrates on the platelets to exert their beneficial microbial properties for better relief. Platelets help in providing fast growth in the cells by boosting its growth rate.

These eye drops are effective because using them will result in fewer damaged epithelial cells.

Do PRGF Eye Drops Have Side Effects?

There are little to no side effects of PRGF eye drops. There will be a reaction if the preservatives get exposed to contaminants. Fortunately, there is a low risk of it happening.

What Other Effects Do PRGF Eye Drops Have?

If a patient has dry eyes, the PRGF eye drops use anti-inflammatory properties to alleviate dry eyes. The effects can vary from patient to patient due to the unique blood samples.

Precautions For PRGF Eye Drops


It is important to be clean before undergoing the procedure. The process involves sterile methods to draw blood. Once the eye drops are ready, it needs to store in cold storage to preserve the formulation.

The precautions before taking your PRGF eye drops include:

  • Inflammatory reactions

  • Allergic reactions

  • Changes to your vision

  • Eye irritation


After applying the eye drops, follow the doctor's recommended treatment. Place the specified number of drops on your eyes for the best effect. Put back the eye drops in cold storage to extend its lifespan.

Follow the following precautions:

  • Check any changes in your eyes

  • Compare the differences with the help of an ophthalmologist

Dependable And Effective PRGF Eye Drops At Enrich

PRGF eye drops are a new way to treat dry eyes and existing eye diseases. With its high platelet concentration, it treats the eye more effectively. In addition, it is preservative-free, so your eyes get more focus on healing toward clear vision. It is important to keep PRGF eye drops on cold storage to extend its lifespan. Through consistent use, you will experience better vision and greater eye health. One company that can help you achieve eye wellness is Enrich.

With Enrich, we offer a safe, low-cost, scientifically-proven, and effective method for chronic dry eyes and other ocular concerns. Send an inquiry to us today!


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