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Bring Natural Relief to Your Eyes with Autologous Eye Drops!

What are (ASEDs) Serum Autologous Eye Drops?

Serum Autologous Eye Drops also known as Serum Tears are a unique type of autologous eye drop that uses nutrient-healing properties to help nourish and protect the cells in the eye. These drops are made from the patient's blood, giving them the ability to quickly and effectively target the eye's specific needs. This makes serum autologous eye drops a great choice for treating (ocular surface disease) dry eye disease, allergies, and eye infections. The drops also contain natural vitamins and minerals to help promote healthy vision and overall eye health. With regular use, serum autologous eye drops can help reduce inflammation, dryness, and irritation.

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What are (PRP) Platelet Rich Plasma Autologous Eye Drops?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Autologous Eye Drops are a special type of autologous eye drop that contain platelets and are superior to serum eye drops. These drops are used to treat a variety of eye conditions and are especially effective for dry eye disease, corneal ulcers, and post-surgical healing. PRP eye drops contain platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a concentrate of the patient's platelets, as well as white blood cells and growth factors. This combination helps to stimulate the epithelial cells, promote wound healing and reduce inflammation. PRP eye drops are safe, easy to use and have been proven to be more effective than serum eye drops.

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