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Benefits, Risks, and Side Effects of ASEDs: Here's What You Should Know

Eye drops are a helpful treatment method to aid various eye problems. It addresses common problems for an easy remedy. However, if the problem persists, the eyes may need specialized medication. Our eyes rely on a healthy ocular surface to see. If your eyes need more than a simple treatment, it is a must to use ASEDs to get the best results.

Why do you need to know about ASEDs? ASEDs can treat severe eye problems that can clear up your vision with the right formulation. It addresses eye diseases such as inflammation, dry eye, GVHD, and blepharitis. ASEDs follow a specific method to ensure their effectiveness throughout the treatment. Furthermore, it uses precise components to grow the ideal cells for the eyes.

What Are ASEDs?

ASEDs stand for autologous serum eye drops. It is a specialized eye drop formulation that relies on natural tears. These eye drops derive from a patient’s blood to obtain nutrients. It removes the platelets in the process so the nutrients can grow. ASEDs contain most of the same components in natural tears, which help in overall eye health. Therefore, these eye drops are beneficial in addressing nutrient growth on the ocular surface.

What You Should Know About ASEDs

Using autologous serum eye drops in your treatment helps your eyes. In addition, its designed formulation makes the treatment easier to manage.


ASEDs have many benefits for the eyes, including:

  • Healing Ocular Surface - ASEDs promote the healthy cell growth of the ocular surface. It uses vitamin A and albumin to maintain clear vision. The formulation uses epidermal growth factors, so the ocular surface stays healthy.

  • Improving Eye Nerves - The eye nerves connect the eyes to the overall body system. With ASEDs, it bridges the nerves’ gaps to provide a secure distribution of nutrients. As a result, the vitamins and minerals will then help improve the state of the eye nerves..

  • Treating Severe Eye Problems - Eye problems such as dry eyes and Sjögren’s syndrome can get treated with ASEDs. Itchiness, redness, and inflammation will get treated with continuous eye drop use. If you have specific eye problems, you can ask for advice from an ophthalmologist.

The benefits of ASEDs aid in the ocular surface and treats various eye problems. You gain better nerves, and your eyes will grow healthy cells.


If you are considering using ASEDs, take note of these risks:

  • Contamination - There is little to no risk of contamination. It occurs if the contamination interacts with other chemicals that change the formulation. Fortunately, you do not need to worry about contamination as it gets stored in a dedicated bottle.

  • Preservative-Free - All eye drops are preservative-free. However, exposure to other chemicals can affect the formulation of the ASED. Therefore, be mindful of storing the formulation, so its nutrients stay effective.

While these risks are low, it is best to follow the instructions prescribed.

Side Effects

These eye drops may include side effects, such as:

  • Blood Draws - Some blood draws or needles can give itchiness to the body. It is normal to experience a different sensation to obtain nutrients. During a blood draw, you should have no existing body conditions. The conditions are:

    • Cold sweat

    • Palpitations

If you have these problems, then it may affect the efficacy of the ASED. Consult your health professional before taking ASEDs.

Using ASEDs

If this is your first time using ASEDs, consider the state of your eyes before and after use.

  • Before Use - Before using these eye drops, check if your eyes are not producing enough tears. Tears are important for healthy eyes, and ASEDs can help produce healthy tears. It also provides growth factors to improve the nutrients absorbed on the ocular surface.

The precautions before taking ASEDs include:

  • Inflammation

  • Itchiness

  • Changes to your vision

  • After Use - After using ASEDs for the first time, do a quick check with your doctor. Give them any information so they can adjust the treatment for your eyes. Remember to follow their instructions thoroughly to get the best results. For example, you have to place the specified number of drops for daily use. Keep going until the formulation clears up the ocular surface.

Here is what you should do after using ASEDs:

  • First, check your eyes.

  • Next, consult with your doctor.

  • Lastly, store in cold storage to extend the lifespan.


What are ASEDs used for?

ASEDs are used to address the problem on the eye’s ocular surface. It provides growth factors to improve nutrient absorption and cell growth. The eye drops contain vitamin A and albumin. They also do not contain platelets so that the nutrients can distribute. ASEDs treat various eye conditions, such as dry eyes, inflammation, Sjögren’s syndrome, and more.

Are ASEDs safe for use?

Yes, ASEDs are safe because they use a specialized formulation for the specific patient. In this case, it is you who will get the most benefits. A blood-derived method uses nutrients in your blood without relying on artificial methods. In addition, the formulation promotes healthy cell growth to produce healthy tears.

How effective are ASEDs?

The effectiveness of ASEDs varies on a case-to-case basis. Since the eye drops rely on a patient’s blood, the presence of nutrients may grow differently. Therefore, it is important to follow the instructions to maintain effectiveness. You can ask for advice from a health professional for more info.

How are ASEDs stored?

Usually, ASEDs are stored in a dedicated refrigerator throughout the treatment. Once stored, the shelf life can extend until all eye drops get used. It is not recommended to store ASEDs at room temperature as the formulation can lessen its effectiveness.

Trustworthy And Effective ASEDs At Enrich

Using autologous serum eye drops is an effective way to treat eye problems. Its benefits include treating the ocular surface, healing eye diseases, and maintaining nerves for nutrient distribution. The risks of using ASEDs are low, and you can keep them well-maintained by storing them in the refrigerator. Keep away from various contaminants for the eye drops to preserve the formulation. With continued use, it helps address your overall eye health.

Enrich is the go-to brand to enhance your quality of life and provide wellness experiences. We offer safe, affordable, and well-researched methods for using ASEDs such as PRP eye serums and PRP facials. Our products follow the best and most scientifically-proven practices for various ocular concerns. Enrich provides you with a safe experience in adopting ASEDs to your treatment. Contact us today to improve your self-care lifestyle!


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