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Serum Autologous Eye Drops

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Serum eye drops are a unique type of autologous eye drop that uses nutrient-healing properties to help nourish and protect the cells in the eye. These drops are made from the patient's own blood, giving them the ability to quickly and effectively target the eye's specific needs. This makes serum eye drops a great choice for treating dry eyes, allergies, and eye infections. The drops also contain natural vitamins and minerals to help promote healthy vision and overall eye health. With regular use, serum eye drops can help reduce inflammation, dryness, and irritation.

Serum eye drops are a natural way to soothe dry, irritated eyes. They help to reduce inflammation, providing instant relief from redness and discomfort. They are particularly helpful for those suffering from conditions such as dry eye syndrome, blepharitis and viral conjunctivitis. Serum tears are easy to apply and provide long-lasting hydration to the eye, helping to reduce the need for frequent re-application. Furthermore, serum eye drops are safe to use and are free from preservatives, artificial fragrances and dyes.

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Dry eyes may be a minor annoyance for many people. However, it can be a serious issue and quite uncomfortable for those who suffer from chronic dry eye. A dry eye, if untreated, can have long-term implications on both your vision and quality of life.


How much does it cost to manage dry eyes? For the average person, managing dry eyes costs more than $11,000 per person.

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